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When considering divorce, there are many terms that need to be addressed before coming out with a resolution. The actual resolution is the marital settlement agreement, which includes everything from asset division to child custody. Every single factor and decision that needs to have a resolution will be in writing and will then become the stipulations that both spouses have to live by.

Our attorneys have extensive expertise in negotiating and preparing marital agreements including Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Post-Nuptial Agreements and Separation Agreements/Stipulations of Settlement. The agreement is a legal document outlining the specific terms you and your spouse mutually agree to abide by during and after your divorce, including spousal support (alimony) and child custody, support and visitation matters if applicable.

At Kule Seid-Vazana & Associates, P.C., our attorneys understand that even for the most amicable divorcing couples, it can still be a painful and difficult experience to draft divorce agreements. Our team are experts in providing pre-trial settlement agreements. A key advantage to creating such an agreement is that you and your spouse can divorce on your own terms rather than bring nasty and costly litigation into the courtroom.

Contact us today if you are considering any of the following agreements. The attorneys at KSV will provide you with the answers to all your matrimonial and family law questions

Divorce Agreement

The marital settlement agreement is a document that is drafted after divorce proceedings are initiated that resolves different issues such as property division, child custody, parenting schedules and spousal and child support. The purpose of this agreement is to formulate a very detailed document that will be legally binding for each spouse. All the conditions will be included in this agreement, however, there are times when one party wishes to change the terms in the future. In this event, one of the spouses can file for a modification, which may or may not be granted. 

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement is a written contract entered into by a couple before marriage that establishes their rights in the event of divorce or death. Although you cannot preplan child custody and child support, a prenuptial agreement can be used like a roadmap to what will happen with your property and assets in the event of a divorce. Pre-Nuptial Agreements helps you by protecting your property assets and inheritances, determining future obligations and keeping debts separate. Unfortunately, in many instances, couples go to war over miscommunication, misjudgment and miscalculations, but with a Pre-Nuptial Agreement, both parties will know where they stand at any point in time and will can avoid a judge making the ultimate decision of your property division.

Post-Nuptial Agreement

A Post-Nuptial Agreement is a written contract that protects both spouses and is executed after a couple gets married. It is a legal document protecting both spouses that settles financial affairs in the event of divorce or separation. The agreement allows the married couple to determine how property and assets will be distributed if divorce occurs. Additionally, the agreement defines the separate and marital property, details pre-marital debts, and establishes spousal maintenance.

Separation Agreement

A Separation Agreement is a legal written contract between spouses that intend to separate and/or divorce. As part of the agreement, you and your spouse may agree on important terms such as spousal support, division of marital assets, child support and child custody visitation, inheritance, insurance, future earnings, debt. There are many benefits of a separation agreement such as the cost of drafting an agreement is less than litigation; unlike a divorce agreement, a separation agreement is private and not public record; a court trial can be time consuming, take many years and cost a lot of money. 

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